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'Segmen Tanya Dan Jawab by YA'

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

PERHATIAN !!!! haha, entry ini akan mengandungi bahase inggelish xD Wahhh fantastic baby elastic [okay cukup -.-]. Sape nak joinn, errr [PICIT]

Kena jawab soalan so kat bawah ni jawapan die ^^

1.Your Girl Bestfriend : Abil, Mina, Azie, Mya, Wan :D
2.Your Boy Bestfriend : Zubair, Iwan, Cik Bon, Udin maybe ^.^
3.Your Nickname : Angah, Mai, Sarah, Memey and Amalina
4.Your Favourite Food : Anything My Ibu cook
5.Your Favourite Drink : Plain water ? haha
6.Do you have mental problem : sometimes xD agaga
7.Something You can't live without : Allah S.W.T. and of course oxygen -.-
8.Last person You called : err, can't remember =..= My Ayah or My Ibu maybe
9.Your birthday : 7 Awesome March 1993
10.Someone You love : My family and Friends ^.^
11.Someone You hate : Always Lalat in my mind but I already forgive her -.-
12.Last text said : Okaylah aku nak on9 ni, later kay, bhaiii xD
13.Your Super Bestfriend : Err super duper are Abil n Mina :D
14.Do You believe in God : 100% yesss. I LOVE ISLAM ^^
15.Would You Take Your Ex Back : Ewwww, throw him in a deep hole and bury him -.-
16.Someone You Miss : Hehe, secret :p Him, yess him and my late grandma T.T
17.Last Person That Made You Laugh : My adik-2 [1 December 2012 :D]
18.Your Favourite Song : Need You - Traviey Mc Coy
19.Is 2012 are the best Year of Your life? :Not really because most of the year Ihave to spent it with full of annoying person =..= [just keep it as a secret]
20.Do You like Malay food : Harusssslah [erh pardon me xD]
21.How old are You ? : 19 years old for 2012 and gonna reach 20 nest year T^T
22.Do You regret anything from Your past : Not at all, just let it go because life must go on right :)
23.Where do You want to honeymmon? : What haneymoon ?!! haha, erro, error xD
24.Do You believe in true love : Yesss :D Love to Allah, Rasulullah S.A.W. and parent
25.What is Your attitude : Can be really quite person and talkative person, depend on situation
26.Are You scare of GHOST : errr, yesss xD haha
27.What is your status : Single but unavailable xD
28.Have You ever broke someone heart : Yes I think because I didn't accept his love [sorry T.T]
29.Who is Your favourite singer : Currently no one -.- maybe Shinee xD
30.What is Your favourite colour : Pink + blue, red +white :D

Okay done answering all question from Yanie :D Hopefully we will get something, but what it is ? I don't know -.- Kay see you later, wassalam.

Tak kait : Tengok pasal segmen ni punye pasai sampai habis Mai skeaping tali xD


Yanie Andierah said...

Cek link anda disini :) http://yaniesayangawak.blogspot.com/2012/12/senarai-peserta-segmen-tanya-dan-jawab.html

#Pastikan follow semua peserta :)

♥ Anis said...


Hi, singgah sini :) dari segmen yg sama

Nurfaezah Abdullah said...

haloooo ^^ dtg dari segmen yg sama. done follow awak, #306

feel free to visit my blog here http://nurfaezahabdullah1712.blogspot.com/2012/12/segmen-tanya-dan-jawab-by-ya.html

Nur Haziqah said...


segmen yg sama terjah ye...

Aziera Adenan said...

Jemput join my 1st segmen ;) http://azieraadenan.blogspot.com/2012/12/aziera-adenans-segmen.html

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